The Stryker's

Survivor Ventura, 2005

Each year winter storms pile tons of driftwood on the beaches in Ventura. Before the beaches are cleaned in spring, beach visitors use the driftwood to build shelters and construct driftwood art on the local beaches. Some of the structures are very elaborate. After watching the TV show Survivor, Julie and I decided to go down to the beach and play "Survivor" one spring afternoon.


image 1
Jess and Julie at our "shelter" on the beach in Ventura, California.


image 2
The beach in front of the shelter.


We built our shelter near Surfer's Knoll, by the Ventura Harbor.


We cheated and brought the coconut cups with us. We bought the coconut at a supermarket.


One of the survivor's is unhappy after being voted off the beach. (The tribe has spoken!)


The loser's torch gets extinguished. (That's a real torch that we found laying on the beach. How perfect!)


We have a winner! The final survivor.


Packing up to leave camp. (Every survivor show has a scene with one of the gal's dressing.)


Game over! The final survivor leaves the beach.

A lone pelican flies over the deserted beach.


The End



Produced by Julie Stryker.
Photography by Jess Stryker.
Web design by Jess Stryker.

Julie Stryker
Jess Stryker
Pete the Pelican

Staged without permission in Ventura, California.
The producers wish to thank the City of Ventura Parks Department for not cleaning this beach.